Our APM program strives to help early talent jumpstart their career in product management. As an APM at Instacart, you will have the opportunity to gain product management experience and solve user challenges across various teams during an 18-month rotational program.

Applications for the 2024-2025 APM program are now open!

What makes Instacart's APM program stand out?

Massive scope

At a fast paced, innovative company like Instacart, there's a lot to do. Instacart APMs are given significant scope and responsibility - you'll join a team of over 100 product managers building the technology that powers the future of grocery.

Diverse opportunities

Rotating through teams across our four-sided marketplace allows you to work on a broad range of products - you may launch features that enable customers to discover new products in your first rotation, build tools for our retail partners to grow their online grocery businesses in your second rotation, and develop features that help shoppers to earn more on our platform in your third rotation.

Tight-knit community

Instacart's class size is small (~6) which enables close relationships among the entire cohort in addition to strong bonds with our invested APM mentors. Over three rotations, APMs build a powerful network of supporters and friends.

Who should apply?

The APM program brings together new graduates and those new to Product from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. If you recently graduated from college, are an aspiring product manager, or are looking to make a career switch, the APM program is for you. APMs demonstrate a deep passion for technology and product design, leadership potential, strong communication skills, and excitement for Instacart and our mission.

The application process

1. Submit your application

Complete your application by March 25, 2024. Visit our jobs page.

2. Product challenge

This take-home assignment is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to think strategically about building products that solve key problems for Instacart's customers, shoppers, retailers, and brands. 

3. Interviews

Meet with members of the Product team and Product leaders through a series of virtual interviews.

4. Decision

Bravocado! Candidates who are chosen to be part of the APM program are notified at the end of June.

5. Welcome to the team!

The APM program begins in early August 2024.


“The Instacart APM program gave me the opportunity to hone my customer empathy and solve different user challenges for a variety of customers – including retailers, consumers, and businesses. It pushed me to ground myself in data and research to fully understand the problem and what’s driving it before thinking about solutions.”

How I've grown as a PM Eliza, Associate Product Manager

“Make sure to show how much fun you have when it comes to building products and where you spike in that journey. Maybe your superpower is recognizing a customer problem & structuring hypotheses to test, product sense that enables you to design and build a viral experience, or rallying a team to drive impact! Most importantly, focus on the why and be able to articulate that in a concise way. At the end of the day, PMs are connectors & simplifiers. Your cross-functional partners will look to you for a clear, opinionated view of what the team should be doing and why!”

Interview tip DK, Associate Product Manager

“In your interviews, convey a structured and organized way of thinking but be sure to also remain adaptable and flexible in how you creatively approach your solutions. Don’t forget that Instacart operates within a multifaceted marketplace, encompassing customers, shoppers, retailers, brands, and more. This layered complexity is what fuels Instacart’s dynamic environment. Aim to demonstrate a user-centric approach in your responses and show a deep understanding for the different stakeholders that power our business.”

Interview tip David, Associate Product Manager

“The Instacart APM program has allowed me to explore other areas of the business that I may not have gotten exposure to otherwise. Through the rotations, I have been able to work with all types of cross-functional teams, and by working in these different areas, I am able to apply previous knowledge from other sides of the business to my current role.”

How I've grown as a PM Julia, Associate Product Manager

“The blend of empowering culture, continuous learning opportunities, and a supportive community that I have experienced at Instacart, is unmatched. Navigating a complex marketplace while having the freedom to innovate creates a truly rewarding professional experience. It’s the trust, encouragement, and collective drive that makes working here not just a job, but a passion.”

What I love about Instacart Priyang, Associate Product Manager



How do I apply?
Visit our jobs page and apply by March 25, 2024.

Who should apply?
If you're a new college graduate, aspiring product manager, or looking to make a career switch, the APM program is for you! We're looking for people with a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. APMs demonstrate a deep passion for technology and product design, leadership potential, strong communication skills, and excitement for Instacart and its mission.

How is the program structured?
Instacart's APM program will be 18-months, split across 3 rotations. Instacart has a four-sided marketplace, where we interact with consumers, shoppers, retailers, and advertisers. APMs will have a chance to experience various sides of the marketplace with each rotation.

Is the APM program remote or in an office?
We are a hybrid remote team, meaning employees choose if they work from an office, remote, or flex. The APM program is remote-first, meaning we can hire you no matter where you are based in the U.S. or Canada. However, if you're located near one of our offices in San Francisco, Toronto, NYC or Atlanta, you're welcome to come in whenever you like.

What is the application and interview process?
• Apply to the APM program by March 25, 2024.
• If selected to move on, you will complete a take-home product challenge.
• If your submission is selected, you will complete a series of interviews (including product sense, execution, behavioral, etc.).

What happens after the program ends?
As a participant in the 2024 APM Cohort, we anticipate that you will work in a variety of roles within the Company, though at all times you remain an at-will employee. The cohort typically includes three (3) rotations where you will work with and learn about three separate areas of the business. Following the three (3) rotations, the 18-month 2024 APM Cohort experience will end. If you have successfully completed your three (3) rotations in good standing, we anticipate that you will be offered the opportunity to explore further employment with the Company - subject to your at-will employment, performance and Company needs. Alternatively, your employment will end at the end of the 2024 APM Cohort.