Marketing & Communications

Our goal is to make Instacart a verb ("Just Instacart it!"). Communications works hand in hand with the Marketing to let customers, the press, retailers, and candidates know about—and purchase groceries using—Instacart.

Team highlights


Our Marketing Team is highly analytical, moves fast and is focused on one thing: Getting more people to form a new type of digital behavior—buying their grocery staples online using Instacart.


We are a cross-functional team of word nerds that reaches across the grocery aisle to tell Instacart’s story to our customers, shoppers, current and future employees, advertising partners, and retailers.


Instacart Announces $265 Million in New Funding Led By Existing Investor

We’re pleased today to announce that Instacart has raised $265 million as part of a new financing round from …

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"I feel lucky to come to work every day and be inspired by my coworkers. This team is incredibly smart, balanced, collaborative and driven, and it such a refreshing experience to feel both challenged and empowered by the work that we do on a daily basis."

Dani PietroManager, Retailer Communications

"This team has a rare balanced quality. Everyone is whip-smart and super-driven, while also being supportive and collaborative. We all get a huge charge out of producing world-class work, and we genuinely enjoy doing it together...there are a lot of laughs in our corner of the office!"

Chrissy TrampedachDirector, Consumer Communications

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