Flexibility is something we extend to our entire community. For customers, shoppers, and our employees, Instacart has always been about providing flexibility so you have more time to do what you love. With this in mind, we've designed Flex First-a new model that empowers employees to do their best work, from wherever they're based, while staying connected and building community through regular in-person events and collaboration.


No matter where you choose to work-from our offices, from home, or a mix of both- Instacart employees have the same opportunities to grow their careers, be productive and successful. Our high-impact and collaborative culture will continue to evolve as we provide our team the flexibility to support their lives, because work is just one ingredient for a full life.

Learn more about our Flex First philosophy from our Co-Founder, Max Mullen.


Our team spoke; and we listened. Flex First provides the flexibility to make the most of your life at and outside of work. We're offering the best of both worlds with in-person gatherings and the ability to work daily from the location that's best for you.


While the role of the workplace has changed forever, the value of in-person collaboration has not. Getting together to celebrate our wins is an important Instacart tradition. Throughout the year, teams, departments and the entire company will come together for IRL events. While these events are optional, we encourage everyone to attend and we'll cover the cost. All you have to do is show up and make the most of your time together.


Regardless of how you choose to work, Instacart is committed to providing an equal playing field for everyone. We're focused on removing office-centricity and proximity bias in everything we do and providing consistent career opportunities for all employees, no matter where they're based.

Hiring Top Talent

Opening up opportunities across the U.S. and Canada enables Instacart to find and hire the best, no matter where they call home. Because we know that great, diverse talent exists far beyond the cities we have offices in.

Community Isn't Location Bound

Over the past few years, we learned to master the art of being virtually social and will continue to be intentional about building our culture and investing in keeping everyone connected across time zones and geographies.

Impact & Growth

We've proven that our employees can be productive and drive impact wherever they work. We'll continue to provide the technology, programs, and development opportunities so employees can grow with Instacart.

Team Jams

Jams are a new way for teams to collaborate, build community, celebrate, and get together. Every team will have the opportunity to get together in person a few times a year in addition to Company-Wide Jams.

Reimagined Offices

Our offices are open to all employees to come in whenever they choose, to work, attend meetings or grab lunch with coworkers. We're transforming our spaces to meet our evolving teams' needs. However you collaborate, there's a space for you.


We provide exceptional benefits for every employee, including a stipend to outfit your WFH setup and internet reimbursements so you can be productive no matter where you work.

How Flex First Works

  • Live and work from whatever state or province you're based in the U.S. or Canada. We have no "return to office" date. Where you choose to work and live is up to you. Our people can be based anywhere within the country they're authorized to work in (US employees may work remotely from state, excluding Alaska and the U.S. Territories. Canada employees can work remotely from wherever is home base within Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia). Most roles allow employees to work from home, from an office, or both each day or week as your life dictates.
  • Investing in getting together in-person when it matters. We're introducing Team Jams, more opportunities for employees to gather in-person with their teams and company-wide that fits the way they work. Jams can be organized at the department, team, or company-level to deepen relationships and build a sense of community. Instacart covers all travel expenses for in-person events.
  • We're still learning, building and iterating. Our workplaces and policies will continue to evolve to meet the flexible needs of our business and our employees. We're living (and working) through transformational times, but we hope that Flex First creates the opportunity for all of us to do our best work and build relationships that last a lifetime.
  • While Flex is our norm, some roles and teams are required to be in-office on certain days or work from a specific geographic location or time zone (think Workplace Managers, IT and Regional Ops). These employees will be given all the possible benefits of Flex First but their roles will remain associated with a specific physical location and/or schedule.

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