Field & Field Operations

We engage and empower shoppers, build lasting retailer relationships, and innovate operational processes to exceed customer expectations for online grocery.

Team highlights

Area Managers

Area Managers are responsible for the success of Instacart on the ground across North America. They lead our in-store shopper workforce market by market and partner with retailers to ensure everyone is set up for success.


Operations Managers are responsible for the insights, tools, and processes that support the Instacart shopper community. They are constantly seeking ways to improve and build with a highly-engaged community and growing business.

In-Store Leadership

Groceries that are shopped come straight from the store shelves—not a warehouse. Our In-Store Leaders support and help shoppers to ensure every order is high quality and that the experience of ordering your groceries with Instacart is even better than coming in the store yourself.

“I love working at Instacart because I get to spend my days leading, working, and learning with a team of diverse, ambitious, and genuine individuals!”

Maddie ZelicoffArea Manager, Greater Philadelphia Area

“I love being on the Field Ops Team because I'm able to build customer-focused teams and develop the future market leaders of Instacart.”

Jesse CarabeauArea Manager, Greater DC Area

“Working in the field allows you to take ownership of your market and implement your own ideas and leadership style. You also have a national network of peers tackling similar problems that are willing to advise or provide resources.”

Jose DelgadoArea Manager, Greater Los Angeles Area

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Field Operations

Area Manager Charlotte, NC Apply
Area Manager Richmond, VA Apply
Area Manager Boston, MA Apply
Area Manager New York, NY (Brooklyn) Apply
Expansions Coordinator San Francisco, CA Apply
Field Operations Analyst New York, New York Apply
Manager, Expansions San Francisco, CA Apply
Regional Director Midwest + West Coast Apply


Shift Lead Berkeley, CA Apply
Shift Lead Los Angeles, CA Apply
Shift Lead Pasadena, CA Apply
Shift Lead Glendale, CA Apply
Shift Lead Santa Monica, CA Apply
Shift Lead Chicago, IL Apply
Shift Lead Atlantic City, NJ Apply
Shift Lead Jacksonville, NC Apply
Shift Lead Scranton, PA Apply
Shift Lead Binghamton, NY Apply
Shift Lead Virginia Beach, VA Apply
Shift Lead Pensacola, FL Apply
Shift Lead Flower Mound/Bartonville, TX Apply
Shift Lead Woodbridge Township, NJ Apply
Shift Lead Thomasville, GA Apply
Shift Lead Collegeville, PA Apply
Shift Lead Crofton, MD Apply
Shift Lead Fremont, CA Apply
Shift Lead Frisco, TX Apply
Shift Lead Kansas City, MO Apply
Shift Lead Boston, MA Apply
Shift Lead Peoria, IL Apply
Shift Lead Pittsburgh, PA Apply
Shift Lead San Francisco, CA Apply
Shift Lead Seattle, WA Apply
Shift Lead Springfield, IL Apply
Shift Lead St. Louis, MO Apply
Shift Lead Birmingham, AL Apply
Shift Lead Wilkes Barre, PA Apply
Site Manager Hilton Head, SC Apply
Site Manager Denver, CO Apply
Site Manager Allentown, PA Apply
Site Manager Wilkes Barre, PA Apply