Marketing/Communications – Dani Pietro

“I feel lucky to come to work every day and be inspired by my coworkers. This team is incredibly smart, balanced, collaborative and driven, and it such a refreshing experience to feel both challenged and empowered by the work that we do on a daily basis.”

Marketing/Communications – Chrissy Trampedach

“This team has a rare balanced quality. Everyone is whip-smart and super-driven, while also being supportive and collaborative. We all get a huge charge out of producing world-class work, and we genuinely enjoy doing it together…there are a lot of laughs in our corner of the office!”

Engineering – Muffy Barkocy

“I used to think of Infra as all operational work making computers talk to each other, but what we really are is a tools & support team for engineers. I’ve always enjoyed helping people as part of my job, but I particularly enjoy making life easier for developers—they’re MY people!”

Engineering – Stephen Li

“I am surrounded by a lot of highly driven, smart and supportive people that I can learn from every single day. They motivate me to continue to grow and take on new and challenging opportunities.”

Product – Zilaida Salgueiro

“I’ve loved being able to help define what Product Operations means for Instacart while figuring out how to be productive, efficient, and impactful. Watching the team grow and seeing how much we make each other laugh has brought me the most joy!”

Product – Mike Donald

“I really enjoy working on our enterprise products. We get to partner with amazing companies that are full of tradition and unique strategies. Our team enables them to execute those strategies digitally while making grocery shopping quick and easy for so many people!”

Engineering – Nicola Fernandes

“Our team is hyper-focused on delivering value to our enterprise customers. We are shaking up the grocery industry and every day brings a new challenge. There’s never a dull moment on the technical delivery team!”

People – Tonci Hockmann

“As a large company that is growing quickly, there is still a huge appetite for trying new things; in fact, it’s the expectation. There is no ‘cookie-cutter’ approach.”

Accounting – Sachin Sharma

“Family—its what I think of when someone asks me about the Instacart Finance team. It is ACCR-UAL world out there but all of us have each other’s back!”

Accounting – Robin Sandhu

“I love working on the Finance team @ Instacart because it is a hard-working, high-growth, fast-paced, team-centric environment filled with opportunities. We are working on changing the way the world shops for groceries and having fun while doing it!”

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