The Customer Experience team serves as the voice of Instacart, fielding real-time calls and chats from our customers, shoppers, and retail partners. We are a service-centric and anaytics-driven team focused on finding the best ways to delight our community, improve performance, and scale. And above all else, we believe in empathy, compassion, and treating everyone with care.

Team highlights


The Care Training team provides learning and development solutions for everything from new hire orientations to career development. Having the best-trained team ensures best-in-class service to our customers.

Content Operations

The Content Operations team is accountable for content strategy for the Customer Experience org and our cross-functional partners. We are multi-skilled, with experience across marketing, product, blogging, copywriting, UX, and technical content channels.


The Workforce team blends art and science to ensure that we have the right number of agents in the right place at the right time, so that we can provide a best-in-class experience for our customers, including consumers, shoppers, and retailers.

"I derive immense joy from being a member of the Customer Experience team. We possess a sincere dedication to our platform's users and our diligent employees who strive to deliver exceptional experiences. I am fortunate to contribute significantly in transforming our Customer Experience vision into tangible reality."

Kiha JonesHuman Resources Director

"Working on the Customer Experience team has given me the opportunity to grow my career.  I can use my previous Shopper and Retailer experience to assist my fellow specialists in providing excellent service to our current shoppers and customers on the platform."

Ian BowlingTrust & Safety Associate

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